Orison Logistics

Orison Logistics

We are glad to introduce our latest Logistics Portal with fully integrated finance to your company for kind perusal.ORISON Logistics is one of the leading customized software solutions for the complete management of any logistics company for their clearing and importing of commodities through shipping,air and land. It also provides login for each of your customers so that they can view their container status(in progress). Orison Software Specialists have been working in UAE since 2005 with more than 500 customers in different domains.

Orison Logistics features the process of managing how resources are acquired ,stored and transported to the final destination.This workflow enables you to track the consignments details and other registers and reports. Our logistics application is a web based application with the latest Microsoft technology with SQL as the back end database.

Following are the major operational modules apart from the general accounts and Inventory which is the core of the system.

  • 1. Job Import
  • * Import Register
  • * BL register
  • * Container register
  • * Commodity Register
      • 2. Job Clearance
      • * Clearance register
      • * VCC Register
      • * Container and Commodity registers
      • * Claim register
      • 3. Documents Control
      • 4. Tax Invoice
      • 5. Customer register
      • 6. Customer Statement
      • 7. Supplier
      • 8. Agent details
      • 9. Item Master
      • 10. Dashboard
      • * Released BL
      • * Not Released BL
      • * Under Process Jobs
      • * New Jobs
      • * Completed Jobs
      • 11. All final reports like Consolidated with aging, TB, P/L, Balance Sheet etc.
      • 12. Fully integrated with finance and 100% VAT Enabled

      Special Features :

      • Highly secured software developed by using the latest technologies from Microsoft.
      • Promises to minimize the workload of your organization to the possible extent.
      • Comprehensive dashboard
      • Global search function
      • Latest technology grid view for details and filter options
      • Seamless export option to PDF,Excel,CSV so and so
      • Customized tax invoice formats
      • Integrate with finance,inventory and HR modules.

      For more details and client references please visit our site www.hirasolutions.com

      We ensure this should be the cost effective software which can be customized easily for any business requirements.

      Initial training, online support and 1 year maintenance of the software is provided free of cost.

      We will be obliged to have an opportunity for presenting the Demo and are sure it will bring an easy going atmosphere in the company.

      We await your response and appreciate your coordination in this regard.

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