Orison Real Estate

Orison Real Estate

It took over three years to develop a new real estate system at a fully operational real estate agency. Programmers and industry staff were part of this mini ERP system which is aimed at offering people to spend and less time at office while spending more time with their clients to make their business grow.

The plus point of using this is that you can run and access the database from anywhere and anytime which suits your schedule. Its integration with Orison financial ensures that work load is kept to a bare minimum. The portal allows users complete control over expense and net income with the help of flat level costing.

Another salient feature is the inclusion of documents related to contracts, landlords, tenants, and the concerned reminders. You can also send text messages/SMS and emails to individuals and in groups, as Orison guarantees a comprehensive Email and SMS integration service.

Orison real estate boasts the most cutting edge technologies from Microsoft, promising utmost reliability and scalability. The number of users and data storage is rendered unlimited with the use of SQL Server 2005 as the backend. You can schedule backups on hourly/daily basis, which can help manifolds in the case the system crash downs and catastrophes. Software security and protection is also at its optimum, because of user level and application level security.

Orison Real-estate contains the following modules:

  • Tenants Module
  • Landlords Module
  • Issue and Lease Module
  • Building and flat Management
  • Building and flat images
  • Integration with Financial
  • Building and flat level costing
  • Cheques and PDC Management
  • Complaint Management Module
  • Booking Module
  • Integration with Excel and PDF
  • Document and Expiry Module
  • e-Storage of Tenants/Landlords docs
  • User Level Security
  • Registers and Reports
  • SMS and Email integration
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