Web Portals

Web Portals

Orison Academic Portal is exclusively developed for teachers and administrative staff that helps schools and colleges to create a brand new educational culture. Which manages teaching and non-teaching departments for their seamless and ease of use of student management system more over different department like Clinic and system for data entry.


  • Mark Entry System
  • Student Attendance
  • Time Table Integration
  • Behavior Management
  • MIS Reports
  • Analysis Reports
  • User Management
  • Employees Self Service
  • Vehicle Management System
  • Fee Analysis


Orison Academic Portal is a web based tool designed to reduce the work load of teachers /staff to a level of comfort which easily handles the student related data with 100 % accuracy and avoid data redundancy and duplication. This portal is available from anywhere for teachers and staff with strict security options. The major areas covered under the portal are:

Mark Entry or Grading System:

Independent of the curriculum, this module portraits entry form for teachers to enter marks of various terms on the basis of the min / max marks defined as per the curriculum which in turn gives you wide variety of progress card, tabular reports, and comparative analysis with graphs over three years in various formats like PDF and Excel. Mark list and Progress Card will be available for parents on Mobile App and Web. Ministry related academic reports also incorporated in this module.

Student Attendance and Behavior Management:

This module helps teachers / supervisors to mark the daily attendance of their students on daily basis by entering through the system or can be automated using student ID card punching / scanning through various input gadgets like mobile / tablet or RFID reader or Bus Attendance. Teachers can also generate daily / weekly / monthly / annual attendance reports with attendance percentage and teacher comments which can be seamlessly integrated to student progress report. Teachers can also put remarks on students positive and negative behavior and also can portrayed in final reports.


Orison Timetable for Schools contains many features like timetable for teachers, students, master timetable, and substitution for absent teachers, free teachers reports and SMS alerts. Orison Timetable also integrates ASC timetable and display to the teachers and parents in the Mobile App and Web.

Student Analysis and MIS:

Student analysis reports and graphs based on various criterias like Class, marks, nationality, age, religion, etc can be generated from this module. It also generates comparative graphical reports based on all the above criterias for last 3 years. MIS module can be used by the management staffs for generating MIS reports on monthly, quarterly and annual basis. This majorly includes total revenue, expense, receivables and payables in tabular and analytical graphs models and also generates all the final MIS reports.

Employee Self – Service:

Orison offers a module of employee self - service that reliefs organizations from routine administrative work and allows employees to update / view their own information and request many things like leave, pay advance, salary certificate, etc. This amazing and reliable module then will go through a workflow until it gets approved from the management. Orison Employee Self-Service module can have a great impact on eliminating the paperwork and make Human Resource operations easier and smoother.

Other Modules:

Vehicle management system, Bulk Email and SMS, School Clinic, Special Need Students, Fee and Income Analysis, Visitors Tracking, Documents Management, PRO Requests management, Fixed Asset, Library Booking and Student Score Card System.

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